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Take Away Menu


Homemade Soup of the Day—£2.25

(add bread & butter—50p)


Sandwiches served with crisps and side salad—£3.75

(Cheese & Pickle, Beef & Horseradish, Egg Mayo, Ham Salad, Tuna Mayo & Sweetcorn)


Homemade Quiche—£2.50 per slice


Box of Chunky Chips—£2.25

(add cheese—50p)


Slice of Cake from the counter—£3.25


Scone (Plain or Fruit) - £2.50

(add jam with cream or butter—50p)




Cappuccino / Latte £1.60


Hot Chocolate—£1.95

(add cream, marshmallows & chocolate topping—30p)

Regular Cans (cola, diet cola, fanta, 7up)  £1.40

San Pellegrino (Orange or Lemon) £1.60


(Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana)

Take-Away @ Buttercream - including Healthy Options

Haven't got time to sit down in the Tearoom or want to order food to pick up in your lunch break?  


We are now offering a Takeaway Service - you can either pop in and choose or give us a call in advance and we will have your order ready and waiting for you.  


As you will see below, we are also offering a menu of healthier options as well as our popular take-away choices - and if there is something else that's missing - just give us a call in advance and we'll do our best to provide it.


We are happy to cater for any dietary requirements for example gluten free, vegetarian, vegan etc - if you let us know in advance we can make sure you are not disappointed.                      


Healthy Options Take Away


Slimming Friendly Soup of the Day—£2-25

(add lower calorie bread—50p)


Salad Box £3.60

Filled with mixed salad and a protein item and dressing of your choice:

Protein: Home cooked Gammon Ham, Lower Calorie Cheese, Tuna, Boiled egg, Prawns

(extra protein item—70p)


Jacket Potato £4.25

Served with side salad and any protein item and dressing as listed above

Also Baked Beans or Mushrooms

(additional protein item—70p)

call us on 07955 678325

to order

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